The Executive Branch is led by the Student Body President, who is elected by fee-paying undergraduate students each year. The Vice President, Comptroller, Executive Cabinet, and senior staff join the President in executing legislation passed by the Legislative Branch, and advocating on behalf of the student body with various stakeholders. Members of the Executive Branch work with other student leaders, university administration, as well as state legislators to ensure the voice of the student body is heard at every level.

The Legislative Branch is comprised of Senators elected by various constituencies across the Storrs Campus. Senators are elected based on class standing, academic school, and residence areas. In an effort to meet the increasingly diverse population of undergraduates matriculating at our university, several multi-cultural and diversity Senate seats have been created. This branch is led by the Speaker of the Senate; a senator elected by Senate every year to lead the bimonthly senate meetings. The Speaker is assisted by a Deputy Speaker as well as a Sargent at Arms, who is responsible for enforcing Robert’s Rules of Order.

The Judicial Branch is responsible for enforcing the By Laws, Constitution, Robert’s Rules of Order, and the Student Conduct Code. They attend Senate, and every Committee meeting as ex-officio members. If appeals are filed to elections, the Judiciary will hold hearings to make decisions.

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