Tier II Funding Timeline

There is a closely followed timeline that Tier II organizations can expect when they apply for funding. Below is a simplified version of that process.

1. Group’s President and Treasurer attend a Funding Workshop

2. Budget Decision emails sent by the Funding Board to Tier II organizations

3. Group submits Funding Request based on amount funded on the Budget Decisions email

4. Funding Board reviews Funding Requests and votes on the amount of funding for each request

5. Funding Board notifies organizations of how much they were awarded via email

6. Funding Staff begins processing Funding Requests

7. Groups who owe money towards their purchase order will be notified via email

8. Office Staff contacts groups when purchase orders or checks are ready to be signed for

9. Groups bring invoices back to USG Office after event to verify services or that supplies were received -OR- Groups bring back receipts for reimbursement or proof that a previously issued check was used.