Funding Process

There is a closely followed timeline that Tier II organizations can expect when they apply for funding. Below is a simplified version of that process.

1: Complete Training

Group's President and Treasurer must complete USG Funding Training via HuskyCT.

2: Funding Request

Group submits Funding Request at least 6 weeks prior to the date that the funds will be needed, which shall be no later than the starting date of service or event.

3: Funding Review

Funding Student Staff reviews Funding Request and makes recommendation regarding funded amount.

4: Funding Notification

Funding Student Staff notifies group of the funding recommendation via email.

5: Funds Processed

Funding Student Staff begins processing Funding Request for final approval.

6: Funding Approved

Funded amount is approved by USG President, USG Comptroller and Fiscal Officer.

7: Pay Invoices

If Funding Request is partially funded, group will pay their portion to USG.

8: Bookkeeping Documents Ready

Staff convert Funding Request to a Purchase Request. Staff contacts group with Purchase Request instructions.

9: Final Reconciliation

Receipt of goods and services. Group may need to verify final invoice or bring in receipt.