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About GUARD Dogs

GUARD Dogs (Giving UConn a Responsible Driver) was established in 2006 as a no-questions-asked transportation service for students to use on the weekend. On average, about 200 hundred students use this service Thursday and Saturday nights. It operates from 10:00pm to 1:00am Thursday and 11:00pm to 1:00am Friday and Saturday. As an alternative to driving under the influence or walking home at night, they provide safe, non-judgmental, and reliable rides home to undergraduate students here in Storrs, free of charge!

GUARD Dogs is entirely student run and prides itself on being completely non-judgmental. The service is anonymous and will bring students home to their on and off campus residences. Though GUARD Dogs aims at preventing drunk driving by providing rides home to UConn students, they certainly do not encourage drinking or belligerent behavior. Remember, no one likes a sloppy dog! GUARD Dogs does owe its continued operation in part to the students it carries; their donations go a long way in helping to cover the weekly costs of the service.

Difference between GUARD Dogs and Husky Rides

The University escort service, Husky Rides, provides concerned students with a walking escort home. However, this program is run by Transportation Services and is therefore unable to provide service to students who they suspect have been drinking. GUARD Dogs on the other hand is completely student run and non-judgmental with regards to alcohol use. GUARD Dogs provides rides as opposed to walking escorts, but only operates Friday and Saturday nights. For more information about Husky Rides, visit their website.

GUARD Dogs Mission: To protect the lives of students and promote awareness of the risks of drunk diving by providing safe, non-judgmental, free, and reliable transportation home to undergraduate students at the University of Connecticut. By doing this, we will promote overall safety, goodwill, and responsibility among the University community.