New York Times Readership Program

The USG Readership Program continues this year with new locations!

A survey at the end of last year of students exhibited overwhelming support for continuing a subscription to the New York Times exclusively, rather than the New York Times, USA Today, and Hartford Courant.

Students can find the New York Times in dining halls across campus this year. This redistribution will help cut back on waste, while directing the papers towards the target audience; fee-paying students.


The following points are listed In an effort to clarify things survey respondents found confusing.

  1. The USG Readership Program is entirely separate from the Daily Campus.
  2. USG is reimbursed for whatever papers are not read. USG only pays for papers that are picked up.
  3. The USG Readership Program is meant to help make undergraduate students better aware of national issues and to make them more informed and educated citizens.
  4. The USG Readership Program is targeted for undergraduate students.


Academic passes are available for UConn students to receive unlimited access to the New York Times online. The number of passes is tied to the number of papers USG receives in a day, which is 475. Teachers are able to receive home delivery at a discounted rate. Passes are available at the USG Office in SU 219, or you can go online for more information.