2023 Chief Diversity Officer Candidates

Tae'Niajha Pullen

Hello everyone! My name is Tae’Niajha Pullen. I am a sophomore Political Science and Individualized Black Anthropology double major and I currently serve as your interim Chief Diversity Officer. Although I am beyond grateful for my appointment to this position, I would be honored to be elected by you.

Since coming to UConn I’ve been heavily involved. I’ve pioneered for BSOUL, UConns residential Black Women learning community. I chartered the UConn Chapter of the Black Female Development Circle where a community has been cultivated for us to be able to be seen and connected. I also founded the Black UConn Collective which I hope to grow to address issues that not only plague the Black community but UConn as a whole.

I began my USG journey as the African American Cultural Centers Ex-Officio Senator. In that role I’ve helped coordinate programs, my favorite being the Mr & Miss AACC pageant. Within this role I also serve on the Cultural Center Committee. In these meetings a representative from each cultural center meets to discuss programs such as the Cultural fair. Through these extracurriculars I’ve been able to meet so many brilliant like minded individuals that share the same passion for activism as I do.

If elected as your Chief Diversity Officer, I will continue to ensure that the needs of marginalized communities here are not only met, but sustained. As well as strengthening the office of diversity's relationship with cultural centers to ensure that USG is best supporting its students. When I began my undergraduate career I was a budding activist and I know firsthand how difficult advocacy work is without support. That is why I will remain committed to recruiting and maintaining the diversity in USG to cultivate a safe and inclusive space for all.

Angelo Montes

Hi everyone, my name is Angelo Montes, and my pronouns are He/Him/His or They/Them/Theirs. I am currently serving as a Residential Senator for the Northwest Mailroom District. I’m a Latinx First Gen Student, and openly Bisexual. My goal, if elected as Chief Diversity Officer, is to expand diversity within USG. What I’ve noticed is that sometimes when people think of diversity they think of Race, the role of the Chief diversity officer is to oversee diversity within USG. At the end of the day, Diversity is Multidimensional, Race, Sexuality, Neurotypical, Gendered, and Nonbinary students all fit into this spectrum, as Chief Diversity Officer, I will ensure the safety and comfort of anyone that wishes to join USG, it's important to elect someone who is dedicated and can execute its responsibilities to ensure we recruit leaders that'll provide students with the services they deserve! My experiences as a Class President, a Gender, Sexuality, Alliance club President, and participating in a Woman Empowerment group and my background will guide me to uphold all these responsibilities. Thank you for your consideration!