Funding Resources

Sample Documents

Funding Instructions and Requirements

A folder of sample documents on our Google Drive


Letter of Intent to Coach

Required for all coaches

Service Provider Letter of Intent

Required for all service providers, except coaches

Mileage Reimbursement Affidavit 

Required for all Drivers seeking Mileage Reimbursement


Invoice Template for Vendors

Your coach or service provider can use this to submit an invoice

Bus Quotes

You have to use DATTCO for any coach buses, the link for that is below. If you are requesting a school bus and DATTCO does not have availability you may request a quote from another vendor.

Request for DATTCO Quote

Fill Out and Send To Vendors

Enterprise Quotes

Enterprise Rates

If you are requesting from our local Enterprise branch, follow these instructions to obtain your quote.

Vendor List

Promotional Vendors

Instructions and Contacts

You must send a request for a quote to ALL the vendors on the list of these University contracted vendors if you want to use the UConn logo or the UConn trademark name or brand on anything. You will then attach the 3 lowest quotes to your funding request. You will also need to get your logo use approved by Student Activities Logo Usage Approval Form