Funding Resources

Sample Documents

Funding Document Examples

The USG Funding Example Folders is composed of sample documents that are required to be submitted in a Funding Request. This folder is comprised of necessary quotes and a SOLID Roster example.


Coaching Letter of Intent - FY 2023-2024

This is a standard form for anyone intending to coach a Tier II Student Organization at UConn.  This form will be used as part of a funding application, and is not a guarantee of payment.

Service Provider Letter of Intent

A Service Provider Letter of Intent is a standard form for anyone with the Intent to Entertain/Provide Services for a Tier II Funded Organization. This does not include a coach. This form must be filled out by the service provider, not the student organization.

Note: The Service Provider Letter of Intent is not a guarantee of funds, nor is it a Funding Request.

Equipment/Supply Quote Request Form for RSO Use

Please fill out the following form and send it directly to your vendor to obtain a quote. This is to ensure accurate pricing and inclusion of shipping and/or additional fees. As a reminder, UConn is a tax-exempt entity.


Coaching Invoice Template  

This invoice should be used by club coaches when they are asked to submit in invoice to USG

Invoice Template for Vendors

Your coach or service provider can use the Invoice Template to submit an invoice. If so, you must attach this form as part of your Funding Request.

Bus Quotes

Request for DATTCO Quote

DATTCO is the new exclusive coach bus provider for the University of Connecticut. Therefore, coach buses are booked through DATTCO exclusively. If there is no availability, provide documentation that there isn't in your Funding Request, our Funding Staff will reach out to DATTCO.

School buses are also available through DATTCO. If DATTCO does not have availability you may request a quote from First Student or Durham School Services.

Enterprise Quotes

Enterprise Rates

These are the updated Enterprise Rates for vehicle rentals. If you are requesting from our local Enterprise branch, please email Enterprise Willimantic.

Vendor List

Promotional Vendors

This is a list of Promotional Vendors that have a contract with the University. If you are requesting uniforms and other promotional materials/items, it is recommended that you reach out to these vendors first.

Note: USG does not buy uniforms, costumes or any other clothing items from Amazon and any international vendors.

Planning to use a UConn logo?

Send a request to vendors on the list of these University contracted vendors if you want to use the UConn logo or the UConn trademark name or brand on anything.  You will also need to get your logo use approved by Student Activities Logo Usage Approval Form.