Undergraduate Tier II Funding

Spring 2018 Funding Deadlines

Due November 30th

  • Spring 2018 Coaching
  • All Requests during the first 3 weeks of the Spring Semester
  • Spring 2018 Informational Budget


To view the funding requests that you submitted for your organization, click hereStudent Org. Funding Requests

Click here to access the current Funding Policies.

Bus and Enterprise Quotes

If you are requesting a bus, you must follow these instructions and use our Request for Quote form to obtain bus quotes.  Download the following files:

Bus Quotes – Instructions and Contacts

Form to Fill Out and Send To Vendors

New ENTERPRISE rates – use these rates if you are renting from our local Enterprise branch.

The Funding Process 

Informational Budget

The Informational Budget deadline for Spring, 2018 is November 30th.

Organizations are required to complete an informational budget a semester in advance of when they hope to use USG funding.  This budget is confirmed by the Comptroller.  If your organization did not submit an Informational Budget, it will be “Temporarily Ineligible for USG Funding” and will have to meet with the USG Comptroller in order to be considered for funding.

You must be the current President or Treasurer to apply for funding for your Tier II organization.

» You must have an informational budget submitted before any funding requests are submitted. 

For questions regarding the Informational Budget please contact the Comptroller, Seeya Sodani, at: comptroller@usg.uconn.edu.

Funding Request

****IMPORTANT: Your complete and correct Funding Request will have to be submitted with all necessary quotes, event information, rosters etc. a minimum of 6 weeks before your event, or the date that your supplies/money is needed and within the semester funding deadlines set by the Funding Board.

If your Funding Request is not correct a minimum of 6 weeks before your event or the date that your supplies/money is needed and within the semester funding deadlines set by the Funding Board, your Funding Request is in jeopardy of not being funded.  Therefore it is recommended that you submit your requests earlier than the 6 week deadline so if there are any errors they can be corrected.****

After the Funding Board reaches a decision, groups will be notified if they were fully funded, partially funded, or not funded at all.  You must have a funding decision from the Funding Board prior to making purchases.

Important Funding Links: