Undergraduate Tier II Funding

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG), through its mission, is entrusted with student activity fees to enhance the undergraduate student experience through its funding of Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) at the University of Connecticut, Storrs campus. The Funding Student Staff shall make all decisions under the tenets of fiscal responsibility, transparency, fairness, equitable access, and accountability.

- USG Funding Policies


COVID-19 UPDATES: During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, the USG Funding and full-time staff are working remotely.Check out our COVID Funding Updates page or  please send any questions regarding funding to bookkeeping@usg.uconn.edu.

Important Deadlines

Fall 2021 Funding Requests

Fall 2021 Funding Requests will be accepted started Wednesday, July 21st!

Informational Budgets

The Comptroller has extended the Informational Budget deadline until the beginning of the fall semester. If you are a Tier-2 RSO, and have not submitted an Informational Budget, please do so in order to receive funding for the Fall and Spring Semester! For questions related to the Info. Budget, email Chris Bergen at comptroller@usg.uconn.edu .

Coaching Requests

The deadline to submit Coaching Requests for the 2021 - 2022 academic year has passed. Any submissions at this point will not be accepted.
The Comptroller and Funding Supervisor are considering opening up the Coaching Request system again this fall, for the Spring 2022 semester. More information will be posted later this summer.

The Funding Process

Informational Budget

Organizations are required to complete an annual informational budget during the spring before the year when they hope to use USG funding.  This budget is reviewed by the Comptroller.  If your organization does not submit an informational budget, it will not be eligible for funding for the following fiscal year (July 01, 2021 to June 30, 2022).

You must be the current President or Treasurer to submit an informational budget and to apply for funding for your Tier II organization.

You must have an informational budget submitted before funding requests are submitted. Funding requests will not be reviewed unless there is an informational budget on file for the organization.

Chris Bergen, USG Comptroller

Funding Requests

IMPORTANT: Your complete and correct Funding Request will have to be submitted with all necessary quotes, event information, rosters etc. a minimum of 6 weeks before your event, or the date that your supplies/money is needed and within the semester funding deadlines set by the Funding Student Staff.

If your Funding Request is not correct a minimum of 6 weeks before your event or the date that your supplies/money is needed and within the semester funding deadlines set by the Funding Student Staff Supervisor, your Funding Request is in jeopardy of not being funded.  Therefore it is recommended that you submit your requests earlier than the 6 week deadline so if there are any errors they can be corrected.

After the Funding Student Staff reaches a decision, groups will be notified if they were fully funded, partially funded, or not funded at all. Then your funding requests must be approved. Once funding has been approved, groups will be notified again. Your funding must be approved prior to making purchases.

USG Funding Workshops

*This workshop only has to be taken once *

  1. Go to Organizations on HuskyCT
  2. Open USG Funding Workshop
  3. On the left side bar, click Funding Workshop
  4. Watch the video and answer the questions

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