About USG

Our Mission

The mission of the Undergraduate Student Government is to enrich the lives of the Undergraduate Student Body through advocacy for its interests to the administration and all other appropriate bodies. We strive to help student groups reach their fullest potential through new and continuing initiatives, programs and resources. The Undergraduate Student Government aims to foster an inclusive and collaborative community that works together effectively. 

Our History

An undergraduate student government has existed at the University of Connecticut in Storrs in various forms and under various names since 1894. Originally, it was composed of nine elected students who worked with the faculty "upon matters of government of the college." By 1913, the organization was called the Student Organization, and its members were the two hundred thirty-nine students enrolled at Connecticut Agricultural College.

In 1921, the government was reorganized and a standing committee called the Student Senate was formed as the executive branch. The Senate adopted a constitution and became known as the Associated Student Government (ASG). The constitution outlined the duties of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the ASG, which was modeled after the federal government. The Student Senate continued as the core of student political power until 1973 when the ASG dissolved. In the following academic year, the ASG was replaced by the Federation of Students and Service Organizations (FSSO). The Senate was replaced by a Central Committee.

In 1980, the FSSO was replaced by the Undergraduate Student Government (USG), and the Student Assembly became the representative student body. The Undergraduate Student Government bodies have piloted (and funded) the launch of every other major student organization on campus including: The Daily Campus, WHUS, SUBOG, IFC, and RHA.

USG is recognized by the University Of Connecticut Board Of Trustees as one of the five governing bodies on campus (along with the Board of Trustees, and the Graduate Student Senate). USG is the primary voice of students to all audiences, and actively partakes in the university-wide decision making process through representation and advocacy.

We, the Undergraduate Students, of the University of Connecticut, in affirmation of our inherent rights and responsibilities as citizens who have selected, of our own accord, membership in this University, do hereby affirm this Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Government. In demand that our rights and interests be advocated, we entrust their defense and protection to our representative leaders, elected on our behalf under the provisions of this Constitution. We therefore charge all members of this student government to passionately defend our rightful stake in the University. Recognizing the need to balance enduring traditions with the dynamic academic and social environment, we call upon our leaders to facilitate our active partnership with the University of Connecticut faculty, staff, administration, and Trustees. It is the will of the students that complacency by any party in these matters be neither respected nor tolerated at this institution, and that the collective voice of the student body be heard.

—Preamble, Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Government of the University of Connecticut

USG At A Glance

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