The Legislative Branch of Student government is the Student Senate. The purpose of the Senate is to represent the views and ideas of the 19,000+ students here at the University of Connecticut.

The Senate is composed of over 57 senators, each serving a one-year term. Every student at UConn is represented by multiple senators. The Residential and Commuter represent students by their geographic living areas on or off campus. The Academic senators represent academic colleges. Residential and Commuter seats are elected each fall, and academic seats are elected each Spring. Additionally, there are also Multicultural and Diversity Senators that are elected at large.

Senate meetings are held every other Wednesday evening virtually at 6:30 pm. All meetings are open to the public. Students are encouraged to attend, and may express concerns during Public Comment. If you wish to speak during public comment, please email the Speaker at time is specifically designed as an open forum for students to address the senators who represent them, or to speak to the body as a whole. Administrators and other public university officials are encouraged to attend Senate when decisions by their departments will affect students.


Academic Senators

Irene Soteriou

Speaker of the Senate

Athanasios Montemarano

CLAS Senator

Jnanasravanthi Athina

Engineering Senator

Likhitadevi Athina

Engineering Senator

Aryan Naik

CLAS Senator

Braden Migneault

CLAS Senator

Residential Senators

Aidan Toland

Alumni Senator

Benjamin Keilty

Buckley/Shippee Senator

Peter Spinelli

Buckley/Shippee Senator

Adith Velavan

Busby Senator

Kavya Ganugapati

Commuter Senator

Gunreet Grewal

Commuter Senator

Anissa Jahaj

Commuter Senator

Joshua Resnick

Commuter Senator

John Ross

Commuter Senator

Nicolas Whelan

Commuter Senator

Edward Zelikman

Commuter Senator

Austin Eichelberg

Northwood Senator

Jithu Sajeevan

Towers Senator

RJ Streater

Werth Tower Senator

Marissa White

Werth Tower Senator

Multicultural & Diversity Senators

Neha Kataria

Multicultural & Diversity Senator

Ex Officio Senators

Ben Albee

UConnPIRG Ex Officio

Cal Benitix

Rainbow Center Ex Officio

Zoe Blevins

NACP Ex Officio

Abbey Engler

Diversability Ex Officio

Olivia Sappington

Student Athletic Advisory Committee Ex Officio

Klaudia Spahiu

Panhellenic Council Ex Officio

Kamya Trivedi

Women's Center Ex Officio