The Speaker is the head of the Legislative Branch. They are the chairperson and spokesperson of the Student Senate. They serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee. The Speaker is responsible for coordinating with all senators and ensuring they are oriented to USG. The Speaker is elected by the Student Senate at the last session of the spring semester to serve a one year term.

The Deputy Speaker has a significant hand in facilitating sessions of the Student Senate, and developing Senators. He or she works close with the Speaker on any Legislative related work and must be ready to fulfill the duties of Speaker at any time – in Senate, at Executive Committee meetings, or otherwise. The Deputy Speaker is selected by the Speaker of the Senate.

Josh Crow

Speaker of the Senate


Noah Frank

West Senator, Internal Affairs Chair


Hollianne Lao

CLAS Senator, Parliamentarian of the Senate


Alexandra Ose

Fine Arts Senator, Legislative Coordinator


Sean Roach

ACES Senator, Chief of Staff to the Speaker


Ethan Werstler

Alumni Senator, Deputy Speaker