2023 Presidential/Vice Presidential Tickets

Jonathan Heiden — President (pictured left)

Peter Spinelli — Vice President (pictured right)

Our community is composed of students. And within each student lives a story. And within each of these stories lies the inspiration for our advocacy.

Maybe you’re like us and you came to college seeking a vibrant student experience but were instead met with a pandemic-restricted campus.

Maybe you’re like Jon and you recently transferred to UConn and are now trying to find your footing and need that extra support.

Maybe you’re like Peter and you want to be proud of your school and the legacy it holds for future generations.

Maybe you desire access to healthy groceries.

Maybe you endeavor to find sufficient physical and mental health care on campus.

Maybe you aspire to feel that you belong here.

Whether told or untold, these are real stories of real students seeking real change. And we want to listen.

Within our current roles as the External Affairs Director and Student Body Vice President, we have gained the experience that will prove beneficial in expanding our resources and offerings so as to further empower students like you and pay homage to your stories.

No story left untold. No student left behind.

Your story. Our mission.


Ramon Peters — President (pictured left)

Christopher Lema — Vice President (pictured right)

Defend student interests.

Empower students.

Demand transparency.

We are Ramon Peters and Christopher Lema; first generation, minority, business majors with a commitment to UConn students and our campuses. Ramon is the President of the Business Connections Learning Community, the largest learning community at UConn, as well as the elected Youth Commissioner Under 21 in the City of Bristol. In these roles, Ramon has gained the necessary experience to advocate for the undergraduate student population. Christopher has experience with UConn’s Finance Society, Business Connections Learning Community, and has a certificate in Biliteracy. With Christopher’s bilingual and financial background paired with Ramon’s leadership skills, we are confident we will be successful in achieving our goals which include: Defending student interests by advocating for programs, services, and policies aimed at benefiting students.

Working tirelessly to provide students with resources to empower and advocate for one another and for themselves. We will not allow infringements upon our population. Tackling the issues of food insecurity, mental health, public safety, community, and the rising cost of our education.

We are the future. We are the change. We are the University of Connecticut.

Thank you.