2023 – 2024 Funding System Access

Please make sure to reach out to us through our bookkeeping email at bookkeeping@usg.uconn.edu or come into the office if you do have questions or concerns while filling out your funding request, we are located in SU219.
If you have any questions about receiving an extension on the return date for your request, or the USG funding approval process please email fundingsupervisor@usg.uconn.edu. If you wish to speak to a funding supervisor in order to have a meeting with us before submitting your request, please email us with you availability for the week that you wish to meet, the meeting will be held through WebEx during the summer.

Funding System Access

Funding Request Status
To keep track of your request and check the status of it please use this link: https://uconn.kualibuild.com/app/builder/#/home