Student Services Committee

The Student Services Committee, led by Lorien Touponse, is responsible for carrying out USG's advocacy efforts pertaining to the general well-being of students and addressing their needs in areas such as Sexual Health, Mental Health, and Food Insecurity

USG Student Services Accomplishments and Projects:

    • Provide period boxes with free menstruation products throughout campus.
    • Provide students with free Plan B through SHaW Health. 
    • Provide accessible nutrition to food-insecure populations on our campus community through Husky Harvest Food Pantry
    • Provide clean and safe drinking water around campus through water bottle refill stations to promote reusable water bottles.
    • Extending SHaW-MH hours later into the evenings
    • Extend mental health resources to the back of the one-card 
    • Organizing a Community Recreation Day with ShareRides
    • Provide Mental Health First Aid Certification Training


    • Mental Health & Wellness: Promote the mental and physical wellness of the Undergraduate Student Body.
    • Sexual Health and Education: Provide students with education and resources regarding sexual health and sexuality.
    • Food Insecurity: Research food insecurity and work toward creatively addressing it on our campus.

For more info on our subcommittees please visit our student services subcommittees page.

University Resources:

    • Mental Health
Student Health and Wellness The Student Health and Wellness center (SHaW) provides health and wellness programs to promote the wellbeing of the student body. Through SHaW, students have access to various mental health resources such as the Circle of Care, therapy, and crisis support. 
      • Sexual Health
    Student Health and Wellness The Student Health and Wellness center (SHaW) provides health and wellness programs to promote the well-being of the student body. USG has recently partnered with SHaW to provide Plan B at no cost to undergraduate students with a valid UCONN ID. Students can also purchase a generic form of Plan B at the SHaW Pharmacy.
        • Food Insecurity 
      UCONN Hunger Swipes Program Swipe Out Hunger, is a nationwide program that collaborates with colleges to help put an end to student hunger and assist those who struggle with food insecurity. Students can participate in this at UCONN by letting dining staff know that they would like to donate a flex pass. The donation will be sent to UCONN Swipes where it will be distributed to students in need. To see if you qualify for the program, schedule an appointment with the Assistant Dean. 

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      Student Services Director

      Student Services Deputy: Makenzie Robinson


      Tuesdays 6 PM, SU 321

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