Student Services Committee

The Student Services Committee is responsible for the advocacy of student quality of life concerns relating to health, dining, recreation, housing, transportation, environment, physical, and emotional safety. Advocacy does not always look the same; committee members may be meeting with administrators to change policy, working with other groups on accessibility issues, and/or hosting an event to connect students around campus. The options and avenues to pursue to effectively and inclusively advocate for the student body are countless. 


    • Mental Health & Wellness: promote the mental and physical wellness of the Undergraduate Student Body
    • Transportation and Recreation: promote the connections concerns students have between transportation and the quality of recreation experiences
    • Sustainability: promote the environmentally friendly status of the University of Connecticut and advocate for opportunities for students to lower their impact on their personal environmental footprint
    • Sexual Health and Wellness: providing students with education and resources regarding sexual health and sexuality

Task Forces:

      • Food Insecurity Task Force - to research food insecurity and work towards ways of addressing it creatively on our campus.


      • Period Box providing free menstruation products throughout campus
      • Providing students with free Plan B through SHAW Health 
      • Husky Market to provide accessible nutrition to food insecure populations in our campus community
      • Water Bottle Refill Stations - providing clean, safe drinking water around campus to promote reusable water bottles.
      • Extending SHaW-MH hours later into the evenings
      • Extend mental health resources to the back of the one card 
      • Organizing a Community Recreation Day with ShareRides
      • Provide Mental Health First Aid Certification Training