External Affairs Current Projects

Board of Trustees

We are currently working at the state capital in Hartford, lobbying for an additional undergraduate student representative to sit on the board of trustee. The bill, HB 5494, has passed in committee and will soon be addressed in this short session of the legislature.

USG Safety Advocacy

Campus safety is critical, and we are leading the USG effort to increase awareness. It’s important to spread the word about sidewalk safety and preventing any accidents from happening during social events. We will be distributing T-shirts and working towards a community appreciation day with the town of Mansfield and UConn students.

Mansfield Community Campus Partnership

The town of Mansfield has several regulations with the Planning and Zoning commission that USG is inquiring about. the Origin and purposes of the law with regards to rental housing is an important issue as the university continues to increase the number of students enrolled at the Storrs campus.

Next Generation Connecticut

External Affairs continues to advocate for the annual $15 million appropriations that must be approved annually by the State Legislature in order to fulfill the $137 million operating budget for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematic Programs (STEM) to be implemented following the $1.6 Billion state grant by the State of Connecticut to expand University enrollment, improve facilities and increase the number of faculty and staff.