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Students aren't learning when they're not eating.



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Husky Market is a student-led, student-funded initiative that is spearheaded by the USG Food Insecurity Task Force to fight food insecurity within the UConn student community.

A study conducted in 2020 has shown that over 55% of UConn students experience some level of food insecurity. This program was developed as a result of the pandemic and its dramatic effects on the economy, which were felt very close to home for many UConn Huskies and their families. Students aren't learning if they aren't eating.

Our program provides $300 grocery gift cards to students in need. Husky Market Fall 2020 provided grocery store gift cards to 140 UConn Huskies; we have since expanded the program this fall to be able to serve over 1500 students in Fall 2022. Our application is simple, easy, and designed intentionally to respect students' privacy and autonomy. 

The Husky Market application opens at 12PM on 9/6/2022, on a 'first come, first served' basis.

If you have any questions about Husky Market, please contact our team at







Husky Market FAQ

What is Husky Market?

Husky Market seeks to address and reduce food insecurity among college students while ensuring their privacy and autonomy by providing eligible students with a $300 grocery store gift card.

Who is eligible for Husky Market?

Storrs undergraduate students who acknowledge a financial impact as a result of COVID-19 and who consent to having their information shared with the Office of Student Financial Aid Services and the Tax & Compliance Office.

How do I apply for Husky Market?

Will Husky Market impact my financial aid?

No. Husky Market will not impact your financial aid. All applicants (who consent to having their information shared with the Office of Student Financial Aid Services and the Tax & Compliance Office) will have their applications reviewed by the Office of Student Financial Aid Services so as to ensure their eligibility.

When will gift cards be available for pick-up?

Applicants will receive an email from All gift cards must be picked up in-person with a valid student ID in SU218.

How long do I have to retrieve my gift card?

Upon receiving pick-up notification, students will have from 12/8/2022 to 12/11/2022 to retrieve their gift card. If a gift card is not picked up or a pick-up time has not been scheduled, your gift card will be offered to the next eligible applicant and you will be added to the waitlist.