Join one of our four committees! Each committee focuses on USG’s specific missions or an aspect of student life.

The External Affairs Committee works as USG’s primary outreach wing, dealing with government affairs at the state level and in the community of Mansfield. It strives to build a better sense of community in Mansfield and the State of Connecticut by working with local leaders and administrators to advocate for students in the greater context of the University.

The Student Services Committee works to advocate for undergraduate students with regards to issues concerning health, safety, transportation, dining, and more. Past initiatives include providing free menstrual products at frequented areas of campus in an initiative called Tampon Time, and providing free Mental Health First Aid Certifications and Suicide Prevention trainings to students.

The Student Development Committee works to help students realize the importance of diversity and inclusivity through social events and education. Past initiatives include collaborating to hold the Cultural Center Open House to promote awareness of UConn’s Cultural Centers, and working with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to hold trainings for student leaders.

The Academic Affairs Committee works to advocate for undergraduate students with a focus on academic related topics/issues. It does this by collaborating with faculty and administrators on campus and hosting productive discussions. Past initiatives include promoting undergraduate research, undergraduate advising, and giving student feedback on the general education curriculum.

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