Academic Affairs Director

Kamara Nyahuma


Kamara Nyahuma

Kamara is a junior pre-law student majoring in history with a double minor in English and HDFS. Before becoming the Director of Academic Affairs, she was an Associate Justice for one year and briefly a CLAS senator. Kamara has been a part of the Academic Affairs Committee since her second semester at UConn. She now serves on the University Senate and the Common Core Curriculum (CCC+) Committee working on the implementation of the Anti-Black Racism (ABR) course requirement. ABR is the legacy of members of USG who have recently graduated and Kamara is determined to ensure their hard work comes to fruition in the coming semesters.
Kamara’s work as Director stems from her desire to see all students achieve academic success, “College is expensive and everyone deserves to take full advantage of the resources available. The rest of our lives will bear greatly upon these few years of college so it’s important to lay a strong foundation.” 
Outside of USG, Kamara is the founding Vice-President of the Black Pre-Law Association, a CLAS Tour Guide, a Husky Ambassador for the Lodewick Visitors’ Center, a Learning Community Floor Mentor, and Learning Community Council member. In her free time, she likes to read romance novels and fantasy fiction books. After graduation, Kamara hopes to attend law school at home in New York City, or venture out to other schools in the Northeast.
Kamara has experience in advocating for the academic rights of students and is willing to assist you in navigating all academic-related concerns or questions.


Malcolm X said,Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” This means that if we wish to have an impact on the world and live out our life’s purpose, it is imperative to gain an education. We must work diligently to prepare for the day when it’s our turn to initiate change. And make no mistake, our time is coming. You should never stop sharpening your mind because one day it will be the greatest tool you possess. 

With Kindness,
Kamara Nyahuma