Communications Director


Srimayi Chaturvedula 

Srimayi is a Senior pursuing a double major in Political Science and Business Management, with a minor in Corporate Social Responsibility. She is also a member of the Honors Special Program in Law.

Outside of USG, Srimayi has previously served as the President of UConn Law Society, an attorney on UConn Mock Trial Team, and the coordinator of the Hunger and Homelessness Campaign. Also, she is currently an Advocacy Chair for the UNICEF Campus Initiative.

Her work in USG is motivated by a passion for serving and representing the needs of the community. She is passionate about advocacy, and intends to pursue a degree in law upon graduation.

Srimayi's hobbies include creating art, restaurant hopping, traveling to new cities, spending quality time with her dog, Mango, and binge watching tv shows with her friends.